Still Open for Business

It is thanks to the volunteer cleaners and stewards, as well as Canon Michael, that our two churches remain open for public Mass during this second national lockdown.

The Bishop has left the decision, as to whether to remain open or not, entirely up to his Priests in the diocese and I am sorry to say that many have chosen to close their doors once again.

Obviously some have genuine health concerns or are particularly vulnerable due to their age, or they simply cannot remain open because they don’t have the dedicated helpers able to continue in roles of cleaning and stewarding.

However, I do hope none of our Priest’s feel under pressure to fall in line with the churches within their partnership which may have opted to close. It is so sad when during the first lockdown people were up in arms about churches remaining closed, and the Bishops of England and Wales fought to re-open them, yet here we are allowed to keep our churches open and yet so many are closing voluntarily!!

Scotland’s churches have been forced to close and ironically the Priests and Bishops there are threatening to take Nicola Sturgeon to court over the closures. It seems we all just want to fight about something, so we fight closures when they are imposed and we fight opening when that is allowed – ‘Mary Mary quite contrary’ comes to mind!!

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