A Return to ‘Normality’?

As vaccines are rolled out across the country and we hear that some of the most vulnerable within our parishes have been vaccinated, spirits are raised and we can begin to look forward to a return to some form of ‘normality’.

We do not yet know what that ‘normality’ will look like or when it will arrive, but we can hope and pray and begin to dream, if not plan, for the activities of Parish life to begin again.

There were several plans in the pipeline this time last year, all of which had to be abandoned due to the first lockdown, it is obviously far too early to say when or if these activities will take place, but it is worth remembering that as a parish family we shared many events and hopefully we will do so again.

Some events planned and postponed, not abandoned: – Garden Party, Flower Festival, Curry Night, Young Person’s Choir, Altar Servers Celebrations, Car-boot/Table-Top Sale, Quiz Night, Young Catholic’s Social Events. Those are some I remember off the top of my head, perhaps you can think of more? And perhaps many of you will have some ideas you would like considered? Please share your thoughts and let’s begin to dream big.

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